Based in Maida Vale, Nofax Enterprises Limited is a Group of Companies has been established some 20 years, specializing in property development and investment across all London’s areas.  

Recent projects range from the re-development of prestigious church buildings to the demolition and re-built of brown field sites. (For detailed information please see section on recent projects).

The Company also undertakes smaller bespoke projects, converting individual properties into separate apartments.

 The secret of the Company’s success is retention. Buy, develop, retain and let.

With a personal portfolio in excess of 100 properties and a solid stream of rental income not only ensures the Company an excellent cash flow but also the ability to take advantage of the market conditions when it comes to the best time to release properties into the market.

Working with professionals creates a positive approach and leads to success. Choosing your partners carefully, the right lenders, the best legal team, surveyors, architects and specialist discipline contractors is essential if the end result is to be the right result – high rental yields and excellent profits. 

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